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Previous Clients and Recommendations

Previous Clients and Recommendations

Current and Previous Clients of Garry Heath Consultingclient logos

Physicians Trust
Provided business process improvement, ecommerce planning, and leadership mentoring.

Telecommunication SaaS infrastructure provider
Created product focus, improved business processes, establish business, developed website and corporate branding.

Best Buy
Worlds Largest Consumer Electronics Retailer
Logistics – PRC (DTPRC) platform creation and implimentation (Reverse Logistics) Project, 2010
Buyback program, created business process to manage returns and resale process.
Trade-in program, invented business process and created product pricing algorithms.
Business Intelligence – establishing meaningful metrics to measure business performance and creation of automated delivery of key indicator reports.

Canada’s largest Largest Consumer Electronics Retailer
Implemented a new reverse logistic triage process to identify opportunity to improve cost recovery.
Full implementation of the DTMS SaaS software platform, connected to Ingram Micro logistics for fulfillment

Ingram Micro Logistics
Premier third party logistics provider, delivering customized end-to-end supply chain solutions to our valued clients regardless of business or product. We have integrated several clients fulfillment requirements with Ingram Micro over the past 10 years.

(acquired by Best Buy in 2008) Dealtree was eBay’s single largest seller of consumer electronics.
Dealtree provided reverse logistics services to Circuit City, Best Buy, Good Guys, Zones, Ingram Micro, and Buy.com.
Created, designed and built business system using MS SQL Server and Adobe Coldfusion.

Created trade-in process for ecommerce, patent pending.

Professional Recommendations:

Brianne Boettner
Controller, Secondary Markets at Best Buy
I have a lot of respect for Garry and thoroughly enjoyed working with him during my time as Dealtree Controller. He directly contributed to expansion of my IT skills-base, for which I will always be grateful, given the on-going relevance of this IT knowledge in my day-to-day career. A great mentor and leader; I can only hope that our professional paths cross again someday!

John Slothower
Manager – Innovation – Best Buy
I always appreciated Garry’s ability to respond to development needs quickly, and his ability to identify solutions for complex problems.

Mary Herbst
Business Analyst – Best Buy
Garry is innovative, creative and has a strong sense of business which enables him to develop strong products both technologically and operationally. His passion for producing high quality products coupled with his intense communication skills encourages others around them to also do their best in every situation.

Mark Szotkowski
Vice President at RapidScale, Inc
Garry is a fantastic leader. His attention to detail along with his “Big Picture” vision help set the stage for CyverONE’s products and services. Under his guidance, we launched multiple products across several channels of distribution, simultaneously.

Brett Knox, PMP
PMO Consultant at 3M
During the duration of a large project, we experienced several strategic iterations which had potentially profound impact on People, Process, and Technology for final outcome. Garry defines an entrepreneurial leader in his no nonsense, less fluff and more functionality approach to problems. Unlike many larger corporation leaders, he maintains an operator mindset which includes assuring an efficient and cost effective approach.

Todd Lusby
Circuit City
Garry has always been responsive to issues, and consistently put forth suggestions on process improvements. I defintely admire Garry’s ability to outline his vision for his company and articulate today’s business decision into his overall plan.

Andrew Bermudez
Co-Founder & CEO at Dealworks
Garry is a talented negotiator, visionary and very product driven individual. His affinity for data systems, automation and his uncanny ability to optimize monetization opportunities is what sets him apart from anyone I have ever met